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Campus Resources

Resource Directories

  1. SESP resource list:
  2. NU Student Affairs resource list: 

Maps, Parking, and Getting Around

  1. Campus maps:
  2. Virtual tours (some of the information in these tours is geared toward undergraduates, but much of it will still be useful to graduate students):
    1. (campus)
    2. (campus)
    3. (campus)
    4. (City of Evanston) 
  3. Parking:  
  4. NU campus shuttles:
  5. Chicago Transit Authority (CTA): 
  6. Metra trains:


  1. Academic calendar: 
  2. Plan-It Purple (NU events calendar): 
  3. SESP events calendar:

Health & Wellness 

  1. Health services: 
  2. Health insurance FAQs: 
  3. Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS): 

Books...Buying or Borrowing

  1. University Library: 
  2. Norris Bookstore:
  3. Beck's Book Store:  

Other Stuff

  1. Norris University Center:  
  2. International Office:   
  3. WildCard Office:
  4. Graduate Housing: (if you wish to live on-campus) 
  5. Off-Campus Life (OCL): (includes information about finding housing and roommates!)
  6. Information Technology (NUIT): 
    1. Setting up GlobalProtect VPN: 
  7. Student Employment: 
  8. Recreation (fitness, aquatics, recreational sports):  
  9. On-campus dining:
  10. Consumer information: (includes general information about the University's facilities, accreditation, professional licensure disclosure, and campus safety as well as information specific to financial aid recipients such as loan repayment information, satisfactory academic progress requirements, and more)  

More resources can be found at NU's Student Tools website: Some of the resources linked on this page are geared toward undergraduates, but many of them are useful for graduate students as well.