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Student Resources

Current students can visit or request access to the SESP Resources Canvas course for additional resources.

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PhD in Human Development and Social Policy Handbook

The handbook provides information regarding the policies, expectations, and conventions of the Human Development and Social Policy PhD program.


2023-2024 Handbook

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Program Contacts

Ofer Malamud – Human Development and Social Policy Program Coordinator

Megan Redfearn – Director of Faculty Services and Doctoral Student Affairs

Tina Foster – Financial Assistant

Tammy Wen – Program Assistant 

TGS Student Services Representative

All graduate students have a student services representative through The Graduate School (TGS). Your student services representative can answer questions related to TGS: enrollment, degree deadline, residency, fellowships, teaching assistantships and paperwork that should be submitted for graduation. TGS recommends that student services inquiries be directed to