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Rigorous research steers the innovative designs and forward-thinking approaches of the Learning Sciences program. Our learning scientists examine how learning occurs and how to make it better. From breakthrough software to successful curricula and effective learning environments, effective designs for education rely on ongoing scientific research.

LS Research Groups & Labs

A list of LS faculty-led research groups and labs during the 2023-2024 school year.

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Meet LS Researchers

Mike Horn

Professor Mike Horn improves people’s learning in museums, classrooms and homes. He researches computer interaction and emerging technologies - as he creates museum exhibits, fosters collaboration with tabletop displays and furthers families’ science learning at home.

Miriam Shirin

The best possible teacher preparation is a primary goal of professor Miriam Sherin’s research. Her investigations discover how teachers can best understand and advance their students’ mathematical thinking in the complex environment of the classroom.

David Rapp

With a focus on comprehension, associate professor David Rapp’s research is discovering new ways to improving learning. He explores the processes critical to comprehending text, using an eye tracker machine to help him make new discoveries.

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