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Students pursuing the Higher Education Student Access and Success Certificate (HESASC) will identify the challenges that students may face when pursuing higher education and develop evidence-based strategies to support their success. Certificate recipients will be prepared to:

  • Identify the barriers that students face in accessing and succeeding in higher education
  • Develop effective interventions to promote equitable outcomes and support the success of all students
  • Develop policies, structures, and programs to support student success

Four courses, as described below, are required to earn the Higher Education Student Access and Success Certificate.

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The College Student

This course explores the characteristics of today’s college students and reviews the literature on student development theory, which describes the developmental challenges (e.g., cognitive, psychosocial and identity) facing college students and how students change while in college. A secondary focus looks at how multiple identities influence student development. Students have opportunities to apply theory to practice.

Crisis Management and Mental Health Issues

This course addresses different crises and mental health issues on university campuses. Students examine the concept of crisis (types and stages), the relationship to legal obligations, communication, and the prevalent mental health issues on U.S. campuses. Real case studies will be discussed using a crisis response model.

Enrollment Management Theory and Practice

This course introduces students to enrollment management as it is practiced in institutions of higher learning in the U.S., with a special emphasis on the admissions process at selective schools. While providing a broad overview, this course will engage students in a “deep-dive” of contemporary and controversial topics including access and equity, college rankings, bias and discrimination, standardized tests and “non-cognitive” variables, race and ethnicity in selective admission, financial aid and enrollment management tools.

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Developing & Coaching Leadership: Fundamentals of Learning Strategies

This course empowers students to learn how to develop leadership for students and with others, especially in the context of higher education. It is organized to allow students to answer three questions:

  • What are the fundamentals of effective leadership development?
  • What learning strategies work best for my own leadership development?
  • How can I effectively coach and develop leadership in others?

Advancing Diversity and Inclusion Through Intentional Leadership and Organizational Change

This course provides a solid understanding of how individual identities and institutional/organizational and structural inequities impact experiences. Students will analyze and discuss bias, power, privilege, and marginalization on individual and systemic levels. This course focuses on understanding and practicing the critical elements of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice (DEIJ) work through assessment, strategic planning, initiative alignment, and influencing organizational change.

Transferable Coursework

The coursework from this certificate is transferable to our Masters in Higher Education Administration and Policy Degree.

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