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Tuition and Financial Aid

The Master of Science in Learning and Organizational Change Program offers a great deal of flexibility in how each individual may choose to pursue a masters degree. Every student's path is unique - and with that, every student's financial commitment.


The following outlines tuition rates and various program fees that you may use to develop an estimate of program costs for financial planning purposes. Master's degree candidates who later decide to also pursue one of our cohort-based Graduate Certificates will also be subject to a certification commitment fee. The base tuition rate is the same for degree and certificate students. Tuition is billed quarterly and is based on the number of enrolled courses. Tuition, fees, and associated program costs are all subject to change.

Tuition (per course) $5,207 x 15 $78,105
Other Costs (see below for breakdown) $6,595 - $9,580
Program Total $84,700 - $87,685
Tuition (per course) $5,311 x 15 $79,665
Other Costs (see below for breakdown) $6,595 - $9,580
Program Total $86,260 - $89,245

Fees and Other Costs

In addition to tuition for 15 courses, degree candidates should plan for the following:

Application and Commitment Fees

  • $175 application fee (nonrefundable) due upon submission of application
  • $750 commitment fee (nonrefundable) which reserves place, funds orientation and professional coaching received upon entry into the program

Program and course fees

  • $465 onsite fee for each course with an in-person intensive onsite, which pays for food, venue, technology, and staff
  • $75 quarterly program activity fee (billed every quarter you are enrolled in courses) which pays for career programming and community events

Other costs to consider

  • $250 Hogan Leadership Series assessment (part of onboarding and individual development planning)
  • Degree-seeking students must purchase health insurance or show proof of insurance to waive fees. See Student Health Insurance for additional details.
  • Books, assessments, and other materials average $100 per course
  • A laptop is required
  • Estimates do not include living or travel expenses
  • Annual tuition increase can vary 1½-4%

Work Opportunities for Degree Students

Graduate Assistantships

One or more graduate assistantships are offered each year, typically starting in Fall Quarter. To be considered for a graduate assistantship, you must apply to the program by April 1. Eligible students will be notified of the opportunities via the Hive collaboration platform and email. Most graduate assistantships require some on-campus work in Evanston and begin in Fall Quarter. Additional opportunities, including remote work opportunities and/or assistantships starting in other quarters, may also be available.

Other Assistantships

Teaching assistantships usually are available each quarter during the academic year in the School of Education and Social Policy and in other schools at Northwestern. These positions vary but typically are one quarter in length with approximately 10 hours work/week. Eligibility includes current students and, in some cases, alumni. There are also research and resident assistantships available as well.

Scholarships and Awards

MSLOC Leadership Scholarships

Each year, the MSLOC Program offers partial first-quarter tuition scholarships to degree students with outstanding leadership or strong change leadership potential. These scholarships are available for students’ first quarter in the program. There is no separate application for these scholarships. Your resume and answers to the essay questions will be used to determine scholarship eligibility. You may indicate you want to be considered for scholarships in the online application form's "Financial Aid and Awards" section. A limited number of awards are available, so we strongly encourage you to apply for the priority application deadlines.

TLC Scholarship Fund

Each quarter, the MSLOC Program offers several non-tuition scholarships of up to $465 per onsite course to help offset the additional fees for those courses with an in-person onsite. All MSLOC students are eligible. Interested students must complete a short form each quarter to apply.

Northwestern Alumnae Scholarship

The Alumnae of Northwestern University offers the Alumnae Graduate Fellowship (AGF) to Northwestern alumni (those who earned their undergraduate degree at Northwestern University), preferably women, who show promise of achieving distinction in their field and bringing credit to the University. The award is valued at up to $20,000.

Criteria for selection include quality of scholarship, leadership, community service, professional experience, and financial need. Students who plan to pursue a career that serves the public good receive special consideration. The application is available through the Fellowship Office from January through April.

Other Scholarships

Students are encouraged to investigate scholarships offered through various civic and professional organizations, foundations and state agencies. One place to search for scholarships is the financial aid information web page sponsored by the National Association of Student Aid Administration. Another useful resource is Northwestern University's Office of Fellowships.

VA Benefits

Students in approved programs at Northwestern may use VA educational benefits.

  • VA Benefit Overview provides information regarding VA benefits and how they are processed at Northwestern.
  • Whether you are a current or prospective student, you may have questions about VA Benefits, so be sure to review the VA Benefit Contacts to help you determine how you can find out more information.
  • For students eligible for the Yellow Ribbon program, the School of Education and Social Policy has 3 partial tuition scholarships per year of up to $15,000 per student. Please indicate your interest on your application and contact your financial aid representative if you have any questions.

Financial Aid

Federal Loans

Eligibility for US-sponsored loans requires US citizenship and enrollment in at least two courses per quarter (not including summer). If you are interested in financial aid to help cover the costs of attendance, you can find the necessary forms and information on how to get started at The Graduate School (TGS) of Northwestern University's financial aid website. MSLOC is housed within the School of Education and Social Policy and is not officially part of TGS. However, we adhere to many TGS policies and make use of their resources and sources of information.

To ensure timely receipt of financial aid, applicants should submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as early as possible after Jan. 1 for the upcoming year. The FAFSA is available from many libraries and financial aid offices or by calling 800/4FED-AID or visiting the FAFSA website. If you have further questions, please contact the Evanston Graduate Financial Aid office.

Private Loans

Private loans offered through Northwestern University are available for US citizens (taking less than 2 courses/quarter) and international students (generally a US citizen is required to co-sign international loans).

External Work

Employer reimbursement is accepted and there may also be supplemental paid internships or contract work opportunities available in any quarter.

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