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Degree Paths

Whether you want to pursue the degree full time or part time, we believe students’ own passions and experiences should guide their learning. Therefore, our courses offer flexibility for students to examine areas of particular interest within each topic. The Master’s Project and internship experience(s) give you the opportunity to deepen your understanding of the issues within higher education that are most important to you.

Degree Paths

The table outlines three timeline approaches of the master’s degree in higher education administration and policy based on start quarters, internship availability, and the number of courses per quarter.
Full-Time 1-Year Cohort Part-Time (18 months) Part-Time (3 Years)
Possible Start Quarters Summer or Fall Summer, Fall, or Spring Summer, Fall, or Spring
Internships Yes Yes* Yes*
Courses Per Quarter 3 Courses 2 Courses 1-2 Courses

*Part-time students with previous or current work experience in Higher Education may waive the internship requirement.

Become a Full-Time Degree-Seeking Student

Become a Part-Time Degree-Seeking Student

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