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Student-Organized Seminars

Student Organized Seminars (SOS) (SESP 298) are courses initiated by SESP students and supervised by sponsoring faculty that cover topics not typically addressed in other classes.

To receive approval for the class, SOS class leaders and a faculty sponsor prepare a seminar syllabus to submit to the director of undergraduate education.  The deadline for submitting a syllabus is the fifth Friday of the previous quarter. SOS plans must be approved by the fifth week of the quarter prior to the term the seminar will be offered.

The seminar plan includes:

  • a description of the topic,
  • the reading list,
  • specifications of assignments and examinations,
  • prerequisites,
  • the meeting schedule, and
  • the written approval of the sponsoring faculty member. 
The student-organized seminars are graded on a Pass/No Credit basis and thus may only be counted as an elective (enrollment is capped at 15, including the student instructors). 

Interested in organizing and leading a student-organized seminar?

Contact the School of Education and Social Policy assistant dean for student affairs for more details.