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Student Resource Directory

You can always come to the SESP Advising Team for assistance navigating Northwestern's plethora of resources. Make an appointment with your adviser at

For a list of your campus resources at Northwestern, please visit the Student Affairs webpage.

Office of the Registrar 

  • The Office of the Registrar is a central resource for enrollment, student academic records, and University academic deadlines. Through the Office of the Registrar, you enroll in classes, obtain transcripts, inform the University of address changes, and much more.
  • 633 Clark Street (East Tower of the Rebecca Crown Center)
  • 847-491-5234

Northwestern Career Advancement  

  • Northwestern Career Advancement (NCA) offers counseling, advising, and testing to help you choose a career or plan graduate or professional study.  Tracie Thomas is a Career Counselor in NCA who can assist students who are exploring career options to find their best fit. NCA Advising liaisons to SESP–Lynn Page, Laura Droste, & Maggie Smith–are available to assist you with internship and professional job search processes.  You may reach NCA Advisers or Counselors by setting up an appointment on Handshake.
  • 620 Lincoln Ave
  • 847-491-3700

Global Learning Office 

  • The Global Learning Office has links to programs in numerous countries. If you are contemplating studying abroad, be sure to familiarize yourself with the Global Learning Office’s web site, look for information sessions regarding studying abroad, and visit the office as early as possible in your college career. 
  • 1800 Sherman, suite 4-400
  • 847-467-6400

Academic Support for Learning Advancement (ASLA) 

  • Academic Support and Learning Advancement offers collaborative peer-learning experiences to support undergraduates' learning in a range of courses. Students meet regularly with experienced peer leaders to review course content, work on problems, and prepare for exams. The documented benefits of peer learning are many, and students who take part in our course support programs often report that they gain confidence in the class, understand the material better, make new connections to classmates, and enhance their overall performance. Our programs include:  

    • Peer-Guided Study Groups: Quarter-long, small-group, peer-led, weekly study and review in science and social science courses.  
    • Drop-In Peer Tutoring: Drop-in study and tutoring for a range of science, math, and social science courses.  
    • For other course-support resources, including departmental TA tutoring, writing help, and more, see the Undergraduate Academic Resource Portal. Be sure to check out advice on effective studying and our student videos 
  • University Library -- 1970 Campus Drive, Level 2, North Tower
  • 847-491-3929

University Libraries 

The Writing Place 

  • SESP emphasizes writing proficiency as a crucial component of the applied, hands-on nature of our curriculum. Thus, we recommend that you enroll in at least one writing course. Recommended courses include ENGLISH 105: Expository Writing, which is a basic writing course, or ENGLISH 205: Intermediate Composition and ENG-305 Advanced Composition, which offer a more advanced experience. One writing course may be counted toward your concentration as a skills-based course. The Writing Place offers aid in organizing, writing and editing papers and projects.  
  • University Library 2304 (second floor of the North Tower)
  • 847-467-2791


  • AccessibleNU provides guidance and support for student academic accommodations. 
  • 2122 Sheridan Road, Suite 130
  • 847-467-5530

The Office of Fellowships

  • The Office of Fellowships can support your search for national and international fellowships in a variety of fields including teaching/education, public policy/government, public service, design and many more.   A database of awards is available on the Office of Fellowship’s webpage. The School of Education and Social Policy has a rich tradition of undergraduates who receive fellowships and scholarships
  • 1936 Sheridan Road
  • 847-491-2617

Office of Undergraduate Research 

  • The Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) offers support for student independent research design, grant writing, and research assistance opportunities. They also provide funding. 
  • 1801 Hinman Avenue, Suite 2-225 (2nd Floor)
  • 847-467-4605

Student Organizations and Activities 

  • Student Organizations & Activities seeks to engage students in involvement opportunities that build a sense of belonging and community at Northwestern University. 
  • 3rd floor, Norris University Center
  • 847-491-3741   

Student Organizations (Wildcat Connection)

  • Use this link to see all the student orgs on campus! 

Associated Student Government 

  • The Associated Student Government at Northwestern University is dedicated to serving the undergraduate student body. We are honored to serve the Northwestern community by listening, learning, and acting on student needs.
  • 3rd floor, Norris University Center   

Northwestern Career Advancement 

Financial Aid Office 

  • The Office of Undergraduate Financial Aid administers need-based funding for student cost-of-attendance. Consult with Financial Aidwhen making changes to your enrollment.
  • 1801 Hinman Ave
  • 847-491-7400

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) 

  • CAPS has a team of counseling professionals who are dedicated to helping students. They offer individual and group psychological counseling, psychiatric and medication consultation,  workshops, crisis consultation, and referrals to mental health professionals outside the University when appropriate.
  • 633 Emerson St.
  • 847-491-2151  

Student Enrichment Services 

Student Assistance & Support Services 

  • SASS supports students by helping them to navigate complex challenges and remove barriers that impede their ability to thrive at Northwestern. 
  • Scott Hall, lower level
  • 847-491-8430