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Degree Requirements

Use this section of the website to learn about and track progress on degree requirements.

Academic Requirements

Key course and requirements lists can be found on the SESP Student Canvas website. They include the Curricular Overview, which specifies requirements for all SESP undergraduates. 


Learn about other key requirements:

Practicum and Experiential Learning Requirement

Students must participate in a hands-on learning experience, which can take the form of an internship, research, or community service. Teaching students have specific practicum requirements that include both classroom observation and teaching.

Study Abroad/Global Engagement Requirement

SESP students studying Human Development in Context, Learning & Organizational Change, Learning Sciences, and Social Policy must fulfill a Global Engagement experience. This can be fulfilled through studying aboard or completing one year of college-level foreign language study. 

Policies & Procedures

Use this page to access rules and policies for SESP and Northwestern University, along with related forms and tables.