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Peter Meyerhoff

Peter Meyerhoff

  • Instructor
  • CEO, 10story

Research Interests

Learning and interaction in hands-on, collaborative environments; mathematics learning; history of progressive education


Dr. Peter Meyerhoff is the CEO of 10story, a Chicago-based education company that develops interest-driven learning environments for mathematics. His research explores learning and development in both formal and informal settings. He has served as executive director of new product development at a leading educational publisher. He holds a PhD in learning sciences from Northwestern University, where he teaches at the School of Education & Social Policy.


  • PhD, Learning Sciences, Northwestern University, 2020
  • BA, English Literature, University of Michigan, 1992

Selected Publications

Meyerhoff, P. (2023). Constructive Interaction: A Process Model of Project-Based STEAM Learning. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association, Chicago, April 2023.
Meyerhoff, P., & Stevens, R. (2020). Kira & the spinners: Exploring the dilemmas of a structured-choice learning environment in a public school. In Proceedings of the ICLS 2020.
Stevens, R., Ramey, K., Meyerhoff, P., Hilppö, J., Kumpulainen, K., Kajamaa, A., & Halverson, R. (2018). Exploring the adoption, spread, and sustainability of an informal STEAM learning innovation in schools. In Proceedings of the ICLS 2018.