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 Ofer Malamud

Ofer Malamud

  • Professor, Human Development and Social Policy
  • Faculty Fellow, Institute for Policy Research

Affiliated Center(s)

Institute for Policy Research

Research Interests

General and vocational education; Technology and child development; Returns to college education.


Ofer Malamud is Professor of Human Development and Social Policy and a Faculty Fellow at the Institute for Policy Research at Northwestern University.

Malamud is an economist focused on education policy from an international perspective. His research is concentrated in three substantive areas: educational investments over the life course, the role of technology in the formation of human capital, and the effect of general and specific education on labor market outcomes. He has studied these topics in a wide range of institutional settings across countries such as Chile, England, Israel, Mexico, Peru, Romania, Scotland, and the United States.

Malamud is a research associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research and a member of the CESifo Research Network. He also serves as a research consultant for the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. Before joining Northwestern, he was on the faculty of the University of Chicago’s Harris School of Public Policy and a visiting fellow at the Brookings Institution


  • PhD, Economics, Harvard University, 2004
  • BA, Economics and Philosophy, Harvard University, 1997

Selected Publications

Kaestner, R. and O. Malamud (2021). Headstrong girls and dependent boys: Gender differences in the labor market returns to childhood behavior. Industrial and Labor Relations Review. Forthcoming

Malamud, O. A. Mitrut and C. Pop-Eleches (2021). The effect of education on health and mortality: Evidence from a schooling expansion in Romania. Journal of Human Resources. Forthcoming

Gallego, F., O. Malamud, and C. Pop-Eleches (2020). Parental monitoring and children’s internet use: The role of information, control, and cues. Journal of Public Economics Vol. 188: 1-18

Malamud, O. S. Cueto, J. Cristia, and D. Beuermann (2019). Do children benefit from internet access? Experimental evidence from Peru. Journal of Development Economics Vol. 138: 41–56.

Buckles, K., A. Hagemann, O. Malamud, M. Morrill, and A. Wozniak (2016). The impact of college education on mortality. Journal of Health Economics 50: 99–114.

Beuermann, D., J. Cristia, S. Cueto, O. Malamud, and Y. Cruz-Aguayo (2015). One laptop per child at home: Short-term impacts from a randomized experiment in Peru. American Economic Journal: Applied Economics 7(2): 53–80.

Barrow, L., and O. Malamud (2015). Is college a worthwhile investment?. Annual Review of Economics 7: 519–55.

Alon, S., and O. Malamud (2014). The impact of class-based affirmative action on admission and academic outcomes in Israel. Economics of Education Review 40: 123–39.

Malamud, O., and A. Wozniak (2012). The impact of college education on migration: Evidence from the Vietnam generation. Journal of Human Resources 47(4): 913–50.

Malamud, O. (2011). Discovering one’s talent: Learning from academic specialization. Industrial and Labor Relations Review 62(2): 375-405.