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Kim Everett

Kim Everett

  • Founder, Unfragmented LLC
  • Instructor, Higher Education Administration and Policy


Kim Everett, Ph.D. (she/her/hers) is a native of Chicago’s Southside, a daughter of the Great Migration, Mary’s baby girl, and the mother of two amazing daughters. Her passion for lifelong learning is only surpassed by her genuine calling to help individuals and communities tap their inner wisdom and reach their goals. Guided by contemplative practices, community building, anti-racism, and the need for anti-oppressive policies, Kim has extensive experience working as an identity-conscious educator, value-driven leader, consultant, and healing practitioner in higher education, non-profit management, and community-based organizations.

Motivated by her own experience as a BIPOC first-generation college student, Kim spent more than two decades in student affairs working to foster spaces centering, affirming, and advancing the needs and experiences of historically marginalized students. Kim has taken those skill and that passion and followed her former students into the workplace and beyond as a coach and consultant in private practice. Whether teaching, training or coaching, Kim helps people and organizations tune into their inner guidance as they define and refine their goals and take aligned action in realizing those goals. In either setting, Kim is skilled at asking the right questions and co-creates ambitious, proactive, and actionable paths forward.


  • PhD, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, Iowa State University
  • MEd, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, Iowa State University
  • BS, Elementary Education, Iowa State University