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Jolie C. Matthews

Jolie C. Matthews

  • Associate Professor, Learning Sciences
  • Affiliated Faculty, Joint PhD Program in Computer Science and Learning Sciences

Annenberg Hall, 2120 Campus Drive, Evanston, IL 60208

Academic Area

Learning Sciences

Research Interests

Dominant narratives, media literacy, historical consciousness, representations of race and gender in contemporary society and history, bias, source credibility, dis/misinformation, popular culture, social media norms.


Jolie Matthews studies the socio-cultural dimensions of cognition through the ways media, popular culture, and other cultural forces influence people’s beliefs about different events, individuals, and groups in the past and present. Her work focuses on learning across contexts, media literacy, historical consciousness, dominant narratives, source credibility, and bias. I examine (a) the representation of different individuals and/or groups in narratives, including around race and gender, and (b) media culture’s influence on people’s beliefs about themselves and others. 

She received her PhD in Learning Sciences and Technology Design from Stanford University, where she was a research assistant with the Stanford University Joint Media Engagement Group, Wallenberg Media Places Grant for Digital Humanities, and YouthLAB. An alumnus of New York University, she earned a BA from the Gallatin School, concentrating in Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance Studies. She received a Master of Professional Writing from the University of Southern California, with a focus on fiction and screenwriting. She was also a PhD Research Intern at Microsoft’s Social Media Collective in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Selected Publications

Matthews, J.C. (in preparation). “Famous Americans” Revisited and the Historical Imaginary. 

Matthews, J.C. & Tran, D. (2023). Still Never at the Top: Representation of Asian and Black Characters in Sony and Marvel Studios’ Spider-Man Trilogy. Critical Studies in Media Communication. 

Matthews, J.C. (2022). College students’ perspectives of bias in their news consumption habits. Journal of Media Literacy Education. Download 

Matthews, J.C. (2022). Historical Perspective Taking and the Self in Online Community Discussions. Discourse Processes. Download

Shrodes, A., Matthews, J.C, & Lam, W.S.E. (2021). Enacting Resistance to Intersecting Oppressions through Satirical Digital Writing on LGBTQ+ YouTube. In Guzzetti, B. (Ed.) Literacies, Genders, and Cultures: Understanding Intersecting Identities. New York: Routledge.

Matthews, J.C. (2021). Dominant Narratives and Historical Perspective in Time Travel Stories: A Case Study of Doctor Who.  The Social Studies. Download

Matthews, J.C. (2020). Media Literacy as an Internal and External Process. A Response to “Red States, Blue States, and Media Literacy: Political Context and Media Literacy”.  Democracy & Education. Download

Matthews, J. C.(2018). A Past that Never Was: Historical Poaching in Game of Thrones Fans’ Tumblr Practices.Popular Communication. Download

Matthews, J.C. (2017). New Media in Kylie Peppler (Ed.)., Encyclopedia of Out-of-School Learning. Sage PublicationsDownload 

Matthews, J.C. (2016). Historical Inquiry in an Informal Fan community: Online Source Usage and the TV show The Tudors. Journal of the Learning Sciences: 4-50Download