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Fabiola Fadda-Ginski

Fabiola Fadda-Ginski

  • Adjunct Lecturer, Master of Science in Education

Research Interests

Language acquisition and teacher evaluation systems.


Fabiola Fadda-Ginski has been teaching for the MSED program since 2017 and working in P-12 learning since 1995. When she not teaching an MSED course, Fabiola Fadda-Ginski is the World Language Programs Director for Chicago Public Schools.


  • M.A., Education Leadership, American College of Education
  • Diploma in Translation, Interpretation and Foreign Correspondence, Scuola Superiore Interpreti e Traduttori, Rome, Italy
  • M.A., Urban Teaching, Columbia College
  • B.A., Organizational Management, Concordia University
  • M.A., Reading, Northeastern University
  • Ph.D., Reading and Language, National Louis University