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 B.K. Simerson

B.K. Simerson

  • Instructor, MS in Learning and Organizational Change Program
  • Independent Consultant and Coach


B. Keith Simerson has provided consultation to professional services firms and to corporate clients spanning 18 industries (including the financial, consulting, health care, architecture, and engineering professions and automotive, industrial supplies, paper, rubber, heavy machinery, petrochemical, hospitality, food processing, business-to-business merchandising and electronics industries), as well as to branches of the U.S. military and foreign governments. He has consulted throughout the U.S. and in Iraq, Canada, Argentina, Mexico, Germany, Italy, Singapore, England, Bermuda, France and the Netherlands.

Simerson helped develop and implement a five-year strategic plan for a leading professional services firm; led integration teams for the merger of two petrochemical industry giants; helped develop the consulting framework and electronic consulting “toolkit” for a leading professional services firm; established consulting organizations in two regional health care systems; and has served as an HR leader in a top-tier professional services firm.

Simerson earned his EdD from UNC-Greensboro and MA from Appalachian State University.

Simerson and Aaron Olson's book, Leading with Strategic Thinking, was released by John Wiley & Sons in April, 2015. Simerson is also the author of Strategic Planning: A Practical Guide to Strategy Formulation and Execution (ABC-CLIO, 2011) and the co-author of The Manager as Leader (Praeger Publishers, 2006), Fired, Laid Off, Out of a Job: A Manual for Understanding, Coping, Surviving (Greenwood, 2003) and Evaluating Police Management Development Programs (Praeger Publishing, 1990).