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Ahmmad Brown

Ahmmad Brown

  • Assistant Professor, MS Learning and Organizational Change
  • President and Co-Founder, Equity Based Dialogue for Inclusion, LLC
  • Senior Advisor, Working IDEAL


Ahmmad Brown is a diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice (DEIJ) scholar and practitioner with more than a decade of experience developing and implementing structures and processes that support equity and inclusion in organizational settings.

Ahmmad’s academic work includes two streams of research. In the first, he draws on the social capital, inclusion, and identity literatures to examine Black students' social experiences and feelings of belonging in historically white colleges. In the second, he uses survey and interview methods to understand the antecedents of race-based allyship in organizational settings.

As a practitioner, Ahmmad is president and co-founder of Equity Based Dialogue for Inclusion, LLC (EBDI). Through EBDI, Ahmmad works with organizations across industries to conduct equity assessments, provide strategic support for the development and implementation of equity and inclusion initiatives, and promote intergroup dialogue. As a senior advisor at Working IDEAL, Ahmmad conducts qualitative and qualitative research for organizations to support their strategic DEIJ efforts. He also serves on Merit America's board of directors. Prior to his current work, Ahmmad worked in social sector consulting and college admission.


  • PhD, Organizational Behavior, Harvard Business School
  • MA, Sociology, Harvard University
  • MBA, Education, Stanford University
  • MA, Education, Stanford University
  • BA, Sociology + Anthropology + Japanese, Swarthmore College