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Accelerated Master of Science in Education for Northwestern Undergraduates

Reduce the length of a master's degree to as few as 9 units! Northwestern undergraduates have the opportunity to take classes toward a master's degree while earning their bachelor's degree. The Accelerated Master’s program is available in all concentrations: Educational Studies, Elementary Teaching, Learning Sciences, and Secondary Teaching.

Accelerate your Studies

The MSEd degree normally requires either 12 or 15 units to complete, depending on the concentration chosen. With advance planning, Northwestern undergraduates can reduce the length of the program to as few as 9 units. Northwestern undergraduates must apply for the Accelerated Master’s Program; admission is not guaranteed. However, the application fee will be waived. All other admission requirements apply.


Learn More About the Accelerated Master's Program

Learn everything you need to know about the Accelerated Masters in Education page on our Undergraduate program site.