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Higher Education Organization Management Certificate

About the Certificate

The Higher Education Organization Management Certificate (HEOMC)exposes students to the complex dynamics of heterogeneous higher education organizations (R1, liberal arts, private non-sectarian, religious, community colleges, for-profit, etc.) and how they are managed to achieve their missions of teaching, research, and service. 

Certificate students will develop the skills to inform evidence-based practices and policies for managing higher education organizations effectively and addressing the complex challenges and opportunities facing these institutions in a constantly evolving higher education landscape. 

Target Audiences

Higher education professionals who seek to explore significant and timely issues, dive deeper into their profession, augment their understanding of the nuanced and complex landscape of higher education, and expand their career opportunities will find at Northwestern a Higher Education Certificate that is perfect for them! 

  • Individuals who possess an advanced degree such as postdocs in any field/discipline who anticipate being involved in academic departmental/divisional or faculty governance and leadership. 
  • Mid-level staff, faculty, and higher education consultants who are currently in (or seek to enter) mid to upper-level management and administrative leadership roles in a higher education institution or into higher education consulting. 
  • NOTE – While not as common as with the HEFC, HEOMC students may – in the midst of their Certificate coursework – apply for matriculation into the MSHE degree program. All coursework for the HEOMC is counted toward the MSHE degree requirements. 

Curriculum Overview

Certificate coursework examines the administration, leadership, and management of colleges, universities, and other higher education institutions. Specific foci include organizational structures, governance, assessment and strategic planning, financial and other resource allocation, decision-making, and leadership in higher education settings. HEOMC students may delve into depth around the topics of crisis management and mental health, diversity and inclusion, or global higher education. 

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Sara McGuinn

My experience in the Higher Education Certificate program at Northwestern was overwhelmingly positive. Although I’d had several years of experience working in higher education when I started my Certificate, it was valuable to fill in the gaps in my knowledge of higher education budget models and student development theory.”

— Sara McGuinn, Senior Study Abroad Program Manager, Global Learning Office at Northwestern University, 2019 Higher Education Certificate Recipient

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