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SESP by the Numbers

Northwestern's School of Education and Social Policy (SESP) is the #3 ranked education school by U.S. News & World Report. This isn't the only number that makes SESP so special. The work our students and faculty produce makes an impact in our classrooms, organizations, communities, and beyond.

Enrollment and Student Statistics

Our close-knit community creates a unique environment for SESP students to thrive.

Undergraduate students enrolled
Graduate students enrolled

Research and Curricular Statistics

Working alongside our communities in Evanston and the greater Chicago area is central to SESP’s mission. These collaborations move relevant research out of labs and into the community.

SESP research labs
Partnerships between Evanston Township High School and Northwestern University
World's first learning sciences program, launched in 1991

Graduation and Beyond

SESP students find success immediately following graduation, as they make an impact across teaching and education, non-profit organizations, government, business, consulting, and more.

Undergraduates employed or completing graduate school or fellowships after graduation
SESP students working in government, non-profit, consulting, or business after graduation
Higher Education Administration and Policy students who receive a job offer within 90 days of graduation